“OP Corporate Bank plc” provides financing of 8 million euros to SIA “Tukuma Auto” for the purchase of new, environmentally friendly buses


SIA Tukuma Auto, which operates under the Hansalines brand, starting 1 July 2022 will be providing public transport services on the regional part of the route network “JĒKABPILS, PREIĻI, LĪVĀNI” based on a public transport service agreement concluded with VSIA Autotransporta direkcija for ten years, which was obtained by a tender procedure.

To fulfil this agreement, SIA Tukuma Auto purchased 64 Iveco buses. This decision was based on purely practical considerations, as Iveco is able to offer buses with various capacities – small, medium and large. The company's bus fleet will now also have seven Phoenix Bus electric buses and eight Iveco Crossways, which will use CNG, thus ensuring environmentally friendly transport.

Sergei Vahnitski, Chairman of the Board of SIA Tukuma Auto, comments: “Currently, our company has the largest public transport service agreement with an annual mileage of almost four million kilometres. In the future, we also look forward to productive cooperation with the municipalities of Jēkabpils, Preiļi and Līvāni, and plan to use a unified bus ticketing system to ensure passenger convenience. This system is currently in test mode and we hope to implement it by the beginning of the school year. We are glad that Jānis Ščerbickis has joined our team and will be the director of our Jēkabpils Branch. Jānis Ščerbickis has considerable experience in running a company; he is fully acquainted with public transport logistics and bus operational matters.”

The 8 million euro purchase of the new buses was financed by OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch. In cooperation with OP Corporate Bank plc, Finland's leading bank, SIA Tukuma Auto is adding 15 new and environmentally friendly buses to its fleet - seven of them are Phoenix Bus electric buses and eight are Iveco CrossWay CNG buses equipped with natural gas engines.

“OP Corporate Bank plc is pleased to cooperate with SIA Tukuma Auto by providing financing for the purchase of new, environmentally friendly buses. We support green-minded companies and bring sustainable development into all areas of the bank's activities based on the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) approach,” says Elmārs Prikšāns, Head of OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch.

OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia Branch has been operating since 2012, and during this time has gained a significant role in the long-term development of Latvia and the whole region. OP Corporate Bank plc is the central bank of OP Financial Group, Finland's leading financial services group. The international credit rating agencies have rated OP Group as a stable and strong financial organisation, by assigning the highest ratings to the long-term liabilities. Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the OP Corporate Bank plc business and strategy, and it involves ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) or environmental protection, social responsibility and good management practices, to direct the public towards a sustainable economy.

SIA Tukuma Auto is owned by AS Hansa Group, which provides public transport services in Estonia and Latvia. The group has more than 600 employees and has an annual turnover of 25 million euros.

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