“OP Corporate Bank” adds leasing companies to the bank


At the end of the merger process, the leasing subsidiary “OP Finance” Ltd was added to the Latvian branch of “OP Corporate Bank plc”. Improving the organisational structure in the Baltic states, leasing and banking structures in Lithuania and Estonia are merged at the same time.

Elmārs Prikšāns, Head of OP Corporate Bank plc, Latvian Branch, commented: “Improving our organisational structure will enable us to be more efficient and adapt more quickly to future challenges and opportunities, while simplifying administrative requirements and diversifying services for our customers. Leasing is and will remain an important part of our financial group. At the same time, we are working, growing and developing together with our clients, so we can continue to work on expanding the range of services available in the future, with a particular focus on financing green projects.”

As previously reported, OP Group is working to improve the work of the whole organisation in order to simplify management, and mergers are also taking place in other Group entities. With the incorporation of the leasing company into “OP Corporate Bank”, the terms of the customer contracts remain unchanged and are automatically transferred to the bank. All employees of “OP Finance” Ltd continue to work in the Latvian branch of “OP Corporate Bank plc”.