Data exchange standard used in the NetBank (ISO 20022) - valid as of 19.11.2017


1) Total number of payments in the file (NumberOfTransactions ) becomes a mandatory field at the level of PaymentInformation:

Document/CstmrCdtTrfInitn/PmtInf/NbOfTxs (see element 2.4. in specification).

2) Total amount of payments (ControlSum ) becomes a mandatory field at the level of GroupHeader and PaymentInformation:

Document/CstmrCdtTrfInitn/GrpHdr/CtrlSum (see element 1.7. in specification), Document/CstmrCdtTrfInitn/PmtInf/CtrlSum (see element 2.5. in specification).

It is important to ensure that mandatory fields indicated below are included in ISO files prepared by your accounting system no later than by November 19, 2017. You will not be able to import payment file in ISO format without mandatory fields with the correct value when new requrements will come into force. New specification for ISO 20022 XML can be found here.

Mentioned changes will become effective in accordance with regulations of the European Payment Union and will be imposed on all member states of SEPA Payments Area.

If you do not import and do not plan to import payment files in ISO 20022 XML format, please disregard this information. 


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